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FAQs - Extensions

What is my investment?

Oh we wish this was a simple answer, but it is not.  The range is so wide, that there is no way possible for us to give you a quote without having you book a full consult.  We do promise we can give you a solid quote that we will stick to when you come in for your consult.  

How often do I have to wash my hair?

Ideally, 1 time a week, but 2 max.  Don't worry, your daily brushing will move your natural oils to your extension hair and help keep your roots fresh and your ends moisturized.

Will extensions damage my hair?

Not when properly applied.  By using top quality materials and never installing more hair than you own hair can safely "hold" the health of you own hair will improve while wearing extensions.

How long will my extension hair last?

9-12 months.  Lighter bases (blondes) have been through more processing and typically can last up to 9 months, darker bases (brunettes) up to 12 months.  It all comes down to being consistent with your daily hair care routine, using recommended professional products and regular maintenance appointments.

Can I work out with extensions?

Absolutely!  Our guests are active in a variety of ways every day.  Tie your hair back with a silk scrunchie pre-workout, brush out after, blowdry any areas damp with sweat, and finally, oil those ends.

I already have hand-tied extensions, will you move them up for me?

Most likely, yes!   We understand there all kinds of reasons you could be in the market for a new stylist and in most cases we can make the transition seamless.  Give us a call or text us so that our guest services team can assist you in getting set for your first appointment at Hyde. 

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