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Personalized Haircare highlights rivermarket


Lead Stylist 

Cam loves to create custom placement and tones for each guest.  Whatever your natural color, she knows how to kick it up a notch and give you a seamless grow out with a strategic placement that can even help extend time in between visits to the salon.

She has spent time in Arkansas, California and Tennessee perfecting her skills with hand-tied extensions.  Cam's unique placement, blended cutting techniques and tailored color skills makes it possible for your extensions to be undetectable. 

Cam is lightning quick, but doesn't skimp on the details.  And she can teach you several ways to change up your day to day hairstyle.

She is our resident fashionista and can tell you what clothing trends you need to jump on board with.  She loves chatting about local boutiques and is in the know about all the happenings in KC.  


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