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FAQs - Associate Program

What will I learn ?

Our program covers every aspect of being a successful stylist: technical details of foiling + foilayge, reverse balayage, color theory (including glossing + gray coverage), building successful guest relationships, marketing, instagram, photography, haircutting + styling, hand-tied + halo extensions, life balance + creating white space

How much money will I make?

As an associate you will make $14 an hr.  This hourly rate applies to all weekly trainings and all hours that you are in the salon as a co-stylist. 

What will my day look like?

You will work side by side with your lead stylist.  You will be a part of consultations, color + highlight applications, glossing, styling and salon housekeeping (towels, disinfecting styling tools).  This is NOT a glorified shampoo position.  We pour all of our knowledge into you on a daily basis and you don't sit back and watch, you are actively working on guests with your lead stylist.

How many hours a week will I work?

You will start with 21-30 hours a week in the salon.   We build in a half day for you to begin taking your own guests by week 4 if you are ready and have filled your opportunity shifts.  Your opportunity shifts would add 6 hours a week to your time in the salon.

When do I get to see guests on my own?

You help set the pace for how fast you start having opportunity shifts (shifts where you can work on friends + family who request services with you).  You can begin opportunity shifts as early as week 3.  Once you have established that you are well versed in Hyde Service Standards and have shown proficiency in a range of services during your initial opportunity shifts, we will open your books to new salon guests.

What is the timeline of the program?

Depending on the pace you work at, our Associate Program last 6-12 months.  Again, you help set the pace and the more you put into it and help create the demand on your time, the faster you will successfully work through the program.  You will continue to shift your assisting days to days behind your own chair.  A full time stylist works 4 days a week.

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