COVID-19 Safety Measures


We will be diligently cleaning the entire salon according to guidelines set by the Kansas Board of Cosmetology and the Professional Beauty Association.


All door knobs and handles disinfected throughout the day

Hand sanitizing stations available throughout the salon

Restrooms cleaned and sanitized throughout the day

Cleaning and disinfecting of the salon each evening

Between Each Service

All stylists tools will be cleaned, disinfected and single use per guest

Disinfection of each stylist chair, shampoo chair, and station counter with proper contact time taken into account

Point of Sale system will be disinfected after each transaction

All capes and towels will be laundered after each use and thoroughly dried


During this time there are many special considerations we are asking you to be aware of and comply with.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Our Guest

Upon arrival please text us at 913-957-3810 to notify us you are here.  We will text you when we are ready for you to come in.  We will greet you at the door and open it for you.

Please limit the number of personal items you bring with you.  At this time we will not have our complimentary beverages.  You may bring your own (with a straw so you can keep your mask on).  Plan to eat ahead of time and please temporarily refrain from bringing food with you.

Please come to your session with a mask on.  If you don’t have one we will provide one to you.  It is required to stay on for the entirety of your session, so please have one that goes around your ears and that you can keep on for the entire appointment.

Upon arrival you will be asked to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

We have missed you very much ( and in some cases look forward to meeting you) but remember no hugs or handshakes.

Plan to come alone, no one else not receiving a service at the same time may come with you.

If you have used root concealer spray to get you through all this extra time between appointments, please do not have it in your hair the day of your appointment.  It will ensure the best color coverage if you have it all washed out. 

Please be aware of social distancing, we can not distance from you as your stylist, but please maintain 6ft from other guests.

Our Team

We will monitor the health of our employees every day and ask them to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms

Each team member will wear a mask throughout the course of the day

We will wash our hands frequently and before beginning work on each guest

Our Space

The lobby chairs will be inactive at this time

Stylist stations that will be utilized during this time are more than 6ft apart from each other

If you are receiving a color service, you will be processing at the styling station and not in the processing area

Only guests with scheduled appointments will be allowed in the salon