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There are many reasons why Hand-Tied Extensions could be the PERFECT solution for YOU. 


This method of extensions is the most gentle, non-temporary form of extensions

and fully customizable while being easy to care for.

If you are struggling achieving the length you desire, we got you!

If you don't seem to quite have the volume you long for, don't worry girl, we still got you! 


And if you hair is chemically damaged, this is a safe way to make your hair look amazing as you get your natural hair back in shape!


The Process



An in-salon meet and greet with your extension artist.  The artist will listen to your needs, give feedback on what would work best for YOUR hair and come up with the exact plan of action.


Consultations are $50 and must be paid via invoice when booking. **


If you are ready to move forward, we will go over our extension contract and you will pay for the hair.


Will we set up a time for your installation.

** if you proceed with extension services the day of your consult the $50 will go towards your install investment



Your stylist will custom fit, cut and if necessary color your extensions. 

Any color service is in addition to extension pricing.  

1 Row  -  starts at $525 + cost of hair

2 Rows - starts at $625 + cost of hair

2 Rows & a Mini - starts at $725 + cost of hair


Move ups are to be scheduled every 6-8 weeks.  Please come with clean, dry hair.


1 Row  - starts at $175 

2 Rows - starts at $275 

2 Rows & a Mini - starts at $375

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